TO MENU

        Images taken by Friend and Photographer Timo Soasepp.

        Love stories. You can't beat them.

        Two weeks after meeting the girl of my dreams, I proposed. This might sound like the beginning of a film to some; all I can say is that my heart beat faster that day. Yet, somehow, I just knew.

        That is love for you. Love is strength, it's remarkable, it makes you smile.

        A bit more about me

        I admire cinematic frames, original designs and timeless photographs. 

        William Klein, Sebastião Salgado and Martin Parr top my all time Photography list.

        I’m inspired by French New Wave Cinema. Jean Luc Goddard is a favourite. I love listing to Björk.  I’m amazed by the rich imagery of Dylan Thomas’ poetry.

        My Bucket list includes driving around Sweden in a Saab 900.