Every about page, needs a personal touch. So here goes. I delivered my first child. Surprisingly, my wife did most of the work. What, no way! We never made it to the hospital. We now have two beautiful girls. Oskar is our German Shepherd. I love like almost everyone the taste of Coffee. When I can, I cycle. I am committed to Espresso's on every ride. Fisherman Friends, those strong mints go everywhere with me. I have always loved Saab cars since I watched, 'If Looks Could Kill'. I love to travel and because of the car makers Saab, I would like to go to Sweden. According to a DNA test, i'm 2% Viking. However proud to be Welsh, Cornish and Irish. The Vikings is my favourite series. I live in a tiny house in Brisbane, Australia. I have shot Weddings in Byron Bay, Sydney and Melbourne. Overseas Weddings include Bali, Poland and Portugal. Photography is a full time adventure, I get to meet awesome love filled people. My choice in music is varied but descent. At least, I think it is. I dance to anything House, sing out loud in the car; who doesn't? My last concert was Balkan maestro Goran Bregović and the Wedding & Funeral Band. "If you don't go crazy, you're not normal"' - Goran Bregović

Image Gallery of our wild family Welsh adventure.

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Gavin James is a Wedding Photographer who specialises in Documentary, Editorial and Fashion. He holds a Diploma in Professional Photography and is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Arts. He is featured in The Lane, Polka Dot Bride, Vintage Bride, Nouba and Looks Like Film. He has been awarded Editors Choice in MyWed and has received a Winning Image in the ‘Life Framer’ competition. Work exhibited in Life Framer x London Bermondsey Project Space, London and Life Framer x Milano Officine Fotografiche, Milan. Previous clientele include L’oréal. He is open for collaborations.