Every about page, needs a personal touch. So here goes. I delivered my first child. Surprisingly, my wife did most of the work. What, no way! We never made it to the hospital. We now have two beautiful girls. I love like almost everyone the taste of Coffee. When I can, I cycle. I am committed to Espresso's on every ride. Fisherman Friends, those strong mints go everywhere with me. I have always loved Saab cars since I watched, 'If Looks Could Kill'. I love to travel and because of the car makers Saab, I would like to go to Sweden. According to a DNA test, i'm 2% Viking. However proud to be Welsh. and Cornish. The Vikings is my favourite series. I live in a tiny house in Brisbane, Australia. I have shot Weddings in Byron Bay, Sydney and Melbourne. Overseas Weddings include Bali, Poland and Portugal. Photography is a full time adventure, I get to meet awesome love filled people. My choice in music is varied but descent. At least, I think it is. I dance to anything House, sing out loud in the car; who doesn't? My last concert was Balkan maestro Goran Bregović and the Wedding & Funeral Band. "If you don't go crazy, you're not normal"' - Goran Bregović

Image Gallery of our wild family Welsh adventure.

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Gavin James is a Wedding Photographer who specialises in Documentary, Editorial and Fashion. He holds a Diploma in Professional Photography and is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Arts. He is featured in The Lane, Polka Dot Bride, Vintage Bride, Nouba and Looks Like Film. He has been awarded Editors Choice in MyWed and has received a Winning Image in the ‘Life Framer’ competition. Work exhibited in Life Framer x London Bermondsey Project Space, London and Life Framer x Milano Officine Fotografiche, Milan. Previous clientele include L’oréal. He is open for collaborations.